“La Mole” was founded in 1978, a food company involved in production of baked goods. Commitment, passion and production capacity are guarantee of quality that testify a company profile dedicated to customer satisfaction. Highly advanced, fully automated baking and packaging lines and the exclusive use of top quality raw materials ensure conformity to first-rate quality standards; thanks to these characteristics, the company obtained the certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, BRS and IFS. With a strong manufacturing know-how acquired over the years and a spirit of research and development of new products, the company shows a high visibility and competitiveness in the national and international outlook, consolidating itself in multiple commercial channels, both under its own brand and private label. “La Mole” becomes an important reality by increasing considerably in few years its production and distribution.

Over the last decade, the historic Piedmont company begins an exciting new adventure. After the success obtained with the traditional Turin breadsticks, the range in enriched with new lines of sweet and salty products, resulting in an assorted range, in full respect of tradition Italian cuisine:
Classic, Snack, Food Service, Sweet.
But the achievements do not end there. The quality of products, our competitive prices and dynamic management, always able to adapt to market changes, have enabled the leading distribution and production company to choose us, an important goal that hasn’t stifled our desire to grow and to improve.

Classic. The line for those who love the delicious flavors and health-conscious.
Thanks to carefully selected raw materials, special processing methods, the natural qualities of our products are preserved, ensuring maximum flavor and authenticity, such as “Grissisnelli”, friable, simple and light, the “Pancarré”, the soft bread in slices from delicate flavor or “Spighetti”, the crunchy Torinesi breadsticks with rich taste.

Snack. A range of innovative and diversified products with attractive packaging.
A tasty line to crunch for a break or for aperitif, including the “Crostì”, golden croutons rich in flavor; the “Crutò”, lightand crunchy pieces of toasted bread, or “Sfornatini”, the original flavored breadsticks in delicious flavors.

Food Service. A dedicated line to satisfy the catering.
Many simple products with natural rising agents, dedicated to catering, to enrich with flavor any time of day: the classic “Grissini Torinesi”, friable with good taste of bread, “Rusks” essential for a healthy breakfast, or “Sfornatini”, the tasty breadsticks, available in two variants: classic salt on the surface and with rosemary and olive oil.

Sweet. A range of products characterized by a unique fragrance and be able to satisfy the most discerning palates.
Goodies and sweetness for yummy delicacies like the tasty “Torcetti”, the biscuits from Piedmont or the light “Puff pastries” with delicious caramel or milk chocolate